Dynamic Airbrush Make-Up

$ 50.00

Especially for haunted attractions! This DVD has been two years in the making. I believe that Airbrush make-up is the ideal solution for the problems facing haunted attraction make-up rooms. It's fast, hygenic, and can be varied enough from show to show to keep each one unique.  This is great for shows considering airbrush make up, its also very good for those who already do airbrush make up at their shows.

This is a two disc set, I couldn't get the information across in just one disc!

Disc 1- This is an information disc! Packed with compressor, airbrush, and make-up technique. Lots of products are discussed and featured. Great disc with tons to learn!

Disc 2- If you learn by observation, then this is the disc for you. This disc has 20 different make-ups with narration so you can see the make-up application happen in real time! Each step is explained...so everyone wins!

This set includes both discs ~ 4 hours of information!

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