These masks are made for the rank and file of the haunt world the house actor! They are detailed enough to take great photos for promo or que line, but the are built rugged for the wear and tear inside of the haunt. Velcro straps means the masks adjust for any head with comfort. Full vision and great breathing are a hallmark of this line.

Above is our werewolf mask as featured on the Dark Hour Haunted House's Dog Days of Summer campaign in 2015.


Half Mask System (HMS): Masks that are comfortable enough for your actor to enjoy wearing them, durable enough to last many seasons, and versatile enough to work in any haunt environment. 

Any mask can be worn with a hood or a head sock to cover the full head, hair can be matched to an actor's hair so their hair completes the look, multiples of the same mask can be given drastically different paint jobs so they look different, multiple styles of hair and horns can be added for hundreds of combinations inside of your show.
Durable, adaptable, affordable

Click HERE to view the full set of Half Masks now available in our Haunt Dawgs online store.